Understanding WordPress


At 7 Day WordPress, venturing into the realm of creating custom websites from scratch using WordPress isn’t just our expertise; it’s our passion. With over two decades of marrying technology with creativity for small businesses, we’ve streamlined the process to not just meet, but exceed your online marketing goals. In this piece, we’ll guide you through the essential steps on how to make a custom website from scratch using WordPress, combining our professional insights with actionable steps to empower your digital footprint.

Understanding WordPress

Before diving deep into the intricacies of building your website, understanding the foundation of WordPress is key. Known for its flexibility and diverse customization options, WordPress has become the go-to CMS for businesses aiming to establish a robust online presence. It distinguishes itself through an open-source nature, allowing us, and subsequently you, to tailor every aspect of your website to your unique needs.

Getting Started

Choose Hosting and Domain

The first step in how to make a custom website from scratch using WordPress involves selecting the right hosting service and securing a domain name. These are the pillars that will support your website’s availability on the internet. Drawing from our vast experience, we recommend opting for hosting services that offer WordPress-specific plans, as they often come equipped with essential features that streamline the setup process.

Install WordPress

Upon securing your hosting and domain name, the next step is installing WordPress. This process is usually facilitated by your hosting provider, with many offering one-click installations. Once installed, you embark on a journey of transforming a blank canvas into a website that speaks volumes about your business.

Designing Your Website

Select a Theme

Your theme sets the tone for your website’s aesthetics and functionality. The beauty of WordPress lies in its vast repository of themes, catering to various industries and styles. In our journey with small businesses, we’ve found that selecting a theme that aligns with your brand identity while offering responsive design and customization options is crucial.

Customize Your Theme

With your theme installed, it’s time to tailor it to your vision. Here, WordPress’s customization options truly shine, allowing you to adjust layouts, color schemes, and font styles, among others. Our mantra is to keep the user experience at the core of customization, ensuring that beauty and functionality go hand in hand.

Adding Functionality with Plugins

The right plugins can transform a good website into a great one. From enhancing your site’s SEO to adding contact forms or enabling e-commerce capabilities, plugins extend the functionality of your WordPress site without the need to code. Our advice? Choose plugins wisely, as too many can bloat your site, affecting performance.

Creating Content

Content is king, and your website’s success hinges on the quality and relevance of the content you publish. This encompasses everything from compelling web copy that reflects your brand voice to high-quality images and videos that engage visitors. A well-thought-out content strategy, which includes keyword research for SEO, will help your website rank higher in search engine results, driving traffic and conversions.

Optimization and Launch

SEO Optimization

Before launching, ensuring your website is optimized for search engines is paramount. This involves fine-tuning your content with the right keywords, optimizing images, and ensuring fast loading times. Our team emphasizes the importance of an SEO-friendly website as it significantly increases your visibility online.


Testing is a critical phase where you scrutinize every element of your website across different devices and browsers to ensure optimal performance. This includes checking for broken links, testing forms, and ensuring a seamless navigation experience. Only once your website passes this rigorous testing phase is it ready to make its debut online.

Marketing Your Website

With your website live, the focus shifts to marketing your newly minted digital presence. Utilizing social media, email marketing, and content marketing are pivotal in driving traffic to your site. Remember, a website is a dynamic entity, and its growth depends on regular updates and strategic marketing efforts.


Embarking on the journey of how to make a custom website from scratch using WordPress can seem daunting at first. However, with the right guidance, tools, and a dash of creativity, it’s a deeply rewarding process. At 7 Day WordPress, we pride ourselves on empowering small businesses to take control of their online presence, translating digital dreams into reality. Remember, every great website begins with a single step, and we’re here to guide you through each one.


Is WordPress suitable for beginners?

Yes, while WordPress is favored by developers for its flexibility and extensive customization options, it’s also designed with beginners in mind. With a plethora of resources available, anyone motivated can craft a stunning website.

How long does it take to build a WordPress website?

The time it takes to build a WordPress website varies based on complexity and design. With our 7 Day WordPress solution, we streamline the process, ensuring your website is up and running within a week, fully customized to your needs.

Can I build a WordPress website for free?

Building a WordPress website can have minimal costs, especially with a plethora of free themes and plugins. However, investing in premium themes, plugins, and professional guidance, like that from 7 Day WordPress, can significantly enhance your website’s quality and performance.

Adding Functionality with Plugins

Can you build a website from scratch on WordPress?

Absolutely, and at 7 Day WordPress, we’ve witnessed firsthand the power and flexibility WordPress offers. For someone considering the leap into the digital space, WordPress is an excellent platform, providing both beginners and seasoned professionals with the tools needed for a custom online presence. Building a website from scratch on WordPress means you have the liberty to design and scale your website according to your exact specifications. The plethora of themes and plugins ensures that if you can dream it, you can build it. Remember, the journey of creating a unique website starts with understanding your brand’s needs and how you want to communicate them online.

How do I start a website over from scratch in WordPress?

Starting over can seem daunting but is often an exciting opportunity to redefine your online identity. Firstly, ensure you have a clear vision of what you want to achieve with your new website. Next, choose a reliable hosting provider, preferably one recommended for WordPress sites for optimized performance. After setting up your domain and installing WordPress, spend quality time selecting a theme that resonates with your brand. Customizing your theme and adding essential plugins will further shape your site’s functionality and appearance. Lastly, don’t forget the importance of great content and SEO in making your new website stand out. At 7 Day WordPress, we specialize in guiding businesses through this process, ensuring a smooth transition and a vibrant new start.

Should I make a website from scratch or use WordPress?

That’s a question we encounter often. Building a website from scratch gives you ultimate control over every aspect but requires extensive coding knowledge and can be time-consuming. WordPress, on the other hand, strikes a fine balance between customization and ease of use. It’s a powerful platform where you can effectively realize your vision without the need for deep technical skills. WordPress’s flexibility, along with its vast community and resources, makes it an ideal choice for many. At 7 Day WordPress, we’ve seen businesses flourish online by leveraging WordPress’s rich features and scalability. It’s about choosing the path that aligns with your resources, timeframe, and ambitions.

How do I start from scratch in WordPress?

Starting from scratch in WordPress is like painting on a blank canvas. The first step is securing a domain name that reflects your brand and choosing a hosting service. WordPress is renowned for its ease of installation, often with just a single click from your hosting provider. Once installed, the real fun begins. You’ll select a theme that captures your vision; then, dive into customization, from layout to colors to fonts. Plugins come next to add functionality, from SEO tools to e-commerce solutions. Content creation follows, vital for engaging your audience. Remember, starting from scratch means you have the freedom to experiment and evolve. At 7 Day WordPress, we encourage creativity and are here to support every step of your journey.

What are the key considerations for choosing plugins for my WordPress site?

When it comes to plugins, the world is your oyster, with thousands available to enhance your WordPress site. However, choosing the right plugins is crucial. Consider your website’s specific needs – do you need SEO tools, contact forms, security, or e-commerce functionality? Prioritize plugins that are well-reviewed, regularly updated, and compatible with your version of WordPress to ensure your site runs smoothly and securely. Additionally, be mindful of not overloading your site with too many plugins, as this can affect performance and speed. At 7 Day WordPress, we help our clients navigate this landscape, selecting plugins that add value without compromising on performance.


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