Instagram Influencer Marketing Hub

An Instagram influencer marketing hub places your company in control of your marketing strategy. Shirley is an advanced, simple, and relatively inexpensive tool with the potential to create a significant return on investment.

Why should my business use influencers?

The average consumer sees nearly 500 advertisements per day through any medium. From packaging to billboards and cable television ads, people experience information overload.

Breaking through to your customers requires a unique approach. Influencers are trusted sources of information regarding products and brands, connecting with your market on a personal level. At a time when the average amount of time spent online increased 60 percent, they are where your potential customers flock to.

What is influencer marketing?

Influencer marketing uses a trusted source of information to push goods and services. An influencer is someone that people relate to and are willing to rely on for information.

Marketing revolves around finding and managing the right people for your company. Not everyone is a good fit. A celebrity who posts on food will not be able to draw customers to a tool company easily.

Micro-influencers v. celebrities

A good way to understand influencer marketing is to consider the power of celebrities and micro-influencers. The latter may eventually reach celebrity status.

Celebrities have instant appeal but may not be able to build the same degree of trust in a product as micro-influencers. This people track are often seen more as experts and using a larger network will create immense opportunity for your business.

How do I manage Instagram influencers?

Any influencers you choose must be managed. Judging success rates allows you to create campaigns centered around actual opportunities instead of using mere intuition.

Trying to do this yourself is difficult. You need to track viewership across posts by every influencer, gauge conversion rates, and ascertain the capability of your network. You need to be able to create calls to action around these numbers. The number of hours spent organizing a campaign leads to lost revenue, becoming part of the three hours of productivity the average marketer loses to simple tasks each day.

An affordable Instagram marketing tool

Shirley stands out among Instagram influencer marketing tools by providing real-time information in an intuitive tool backed by a simple GUI. Track trends while estimating viewership numbers per influencer with our Instagram calculator.

Our platform allows you to create campaigns with the click of a button, generate post requirements, and schedule shipments from within the application to give your ambassadors what they need for a solid review. Your entire marketing strategy is within reach without spending the time to work through a spreadsheet or other information.

Powerful influencer marketing hub

Avoid relying on intuition to manage your network. Gain the information and power you need to direct your campaign for the best return on investment.

Shirley is a unique and flexibly priced tool with the capability to launch an influencer program within 90 days. Avoid wasting hours of time with automated content collection and influencer management.

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