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At Areteworks, we understand that the medical industry can be extremely challenging and dynamic. Delivering an innovative medical UX design requires not only creativity but a deep understanding of stakeholders in a medical environment. Strict FDA regulations should not compromise an inspiring and successful UX design.

What is the significance of medical UX design in patient care?

The priority in patient UX design is providing a safe, easy, and enjoyable experience for stakeholders. The medical UX should enable users to navigate smoothly through their workflows while meeting their goals. Areteworks’ medical UX designers are experts in maximizing the usability of medical products and providing intuitive, inspiring experiences that meet user needs.

One of the more vital aspects of patient care is clinical support. Patients want to feel they are well taken care of during every phase of their treatment. Creating a healthcare UX design that facilitates easier communication between physicians and their patients will give patients a stronger sense of continued medical care. UX design should provide users with an intuitive and pleasurable experience that meets these needs in as simple a way as possible.


In addition to clinical support, patients should feel confident about the information they receive from medical devices. The details shown on a UX Design system should be 100 percent accurate and reliable. A successful UX Design will put an emphasis on the reliability of the data received and transmitted. Keeping the medical UX system updated and providing the most current information to users makes it easier for trust to be formed with stakeholders and improves the strength of your brand. In UX design, safety and reliability go hand-in-hand.

UX design process

The most critical factor in UX design is understanding stakeholder needs and pain-points. In addition, understanding the roles of each clinical staff member is also vital. Gaining this knowledge helps medical UX designers create easy and intuitive workflows tailored towards different users.

To this end, User Research is necessary to gather feedback and insights directly from the different stakeholder demographics. At Areteworks, we use both qualitative and quantitative research methods to produce the fundamental building blocks for a more thorough understanding of users and their needs and desires. Using research feedback methodologies such as shadowing and contextual interviews provides our UX specialists with a deeper knowledge of end-users’ thoughts, feelings, and perspectives. Understanding the user helps UX designer to know who to target and what they can achieve with the product.

Further, continuously gaining user feedback throughout Areteworks’ proprietary user-centered design process strengthens the direction of the UX design and allows for iterative design revisions to be completed in a timely manner.

Prototyping and testing

Areteworks’ designers incorporate rapid prototyping early in the product’s life cycle to assist in validating and assessing the initial concept designs. Using these low-fidelity prototypes as an assessment tool, Areteworks’ usability specialists use observational techniques and interviews to assess the usability of the prototypes during formative usability tests. This allows us to solve potential usability issues early in the design process, and develop risk mitigation approaches and strategies that will shape the final user interface design.

Summative usability tests are later conducted by Areteworks’ Human Factors experts to ensure that the safety and use of the medical device has been addressed. Our medical assessment team also completes documentation for FDA requirements and confirm all FDA requirements have been met. Through our User-Centered Design process, we understand how to analyze the testing results and are able to iterate a design that meets government safety regulations.

Areteworks has been providing innovative and inspiring medical UX design for products in the medical industry for many years. We can take on your UX design project from start to finish. Browse our portfolio to view our work and learn about our medical and healthcare UX services.

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