7 Day Process
for Your WordPress Site

Creating a strategy, design, and development to help your business website needs. The steps and process to swiftly launching your new website. As well as securing the date and cost of a custom WordPress website

Introducing the 7 Day WordPress Comprehensive!

We strive to be upfront and transparent with the cost of a custom WordPress website. Every comprehensive website is unique, tailored for your needs, and will depend on your specific needs and goals.

Timeline: 7 Days

Cost: $2500

Brand New Branding:

A simple text-based logo, color & font options, website hero photos, photographs for social media coverage, and a style guide so that your company looks credible, trustworthy, and competent and you can continue to do the job you enjoy

One-Page Website

Design, layout, and creation of a simple, professional one-page website that is ideal for testing a new business concept or service offering that can guide the audience to make fast sales.

Online Course Setup

Complete set-up of online course and link to your website so that you are ready to start selling and scaling your business. Includes visuals of the course that suit your brand and all the tech pieces in places to provide a smooth learning experience for your students.

Website Updates

Ideal for updating your website to the 21st century and getting your business online ready. Maybe you don’t need a complete rebranding but your website could definitely use some new internals under the hood. We can take care of that!

How the 7-Day Done for You Design Intensive Works:

  1. Choose a week that works best for you to begin your project.

    NOTE: You will have 1-week of homework prior to your start date to plan for our week together. You’ll still need to be 100% available during your week to provide input and approvals to keep your project rolling, so it’s best to choose a week that affords you lots of availability.

    Secure your date with a 50% deposit of the cost of a custom WordPress website. (non-refundable deposit)

  2. Complete your homework

    Once you’ve booked your comprehensive and paid your deposit for your week, you’ll get follow up from 7 Day WordPress with the homework steps and prep work that must be completed before we can begin our work together on your website.

  3. Attend a pre-intensive strategy call to go over your business, audience, goals, and homework together and devise a plan and timeline.

    We’ll discuss the most important objectives you have for your business and devise a plan to optimize your website for those goals. Then, work will begin on your project, and 7 Day WordPress will keep you updated when feedback is needed or approvals to keep moving the project forward.

  4. Project wrap up.

    Once the week has been completed together, you can reach out at any time to ask questions or button up any last minute changes.

    And, if you need more ongoing work after your 7-days are up, we’ve got your back!

Our Testimonials

  • "Before using 7 Day Wordpress for our Internet Marketing we had no rankings. In just a short time our website started generating traffic from the organic rankings and the phone started ringing. We're #1 in our industry across the nation now. Topped with great customer support and automated software - it's like having an In-house expert working for us full time without having to pay yearly salaries."
    Maui Recovery
  • “Like many people who have business ideas they don’t always have all the required skills to pull them off. In this case I needed a very custom website. I started searching, going through so many different candidates. I finally found a designer off a independent contracting website. (big mistake) After months of working with the designer he ended up falling through, unable to get my money back I was left with no website and huge chunk of my original liquid assets missing. I was also running out of time to meet my deadline. I knew I was going to need a great website design team.”
    Fractional CFO Advisors
  • “7 Day Wordpress has been the best resource I have been lucky enough to come across during my time opening up this new business. If it wasn’t for them I am not 100% positive I would have been able to get my website off the ground and have it running by the deadline. Their expertise in not only design, but in overall business skills has been a huge benefit to myself. It’s not just a website design team you are hiring, but a personal consulting group.”
    Mr. Cauliflower
  • 7 Day Wordpress have really helped with my business growth and web awareness. I had spent so many draining hours trying to do the Website and the SEO myself, only to fail over and over again. Once I met with 7 Day Wordpress they took the reigns and delivered serious an amazing looking website that converts and SEO results in just a few weeks.
    Hickory Wind Ranch

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